Vermont Beef Jerky & Espuna Snack Box

Smaller box, Big taste.

The Snack Box is jam-packed with premium meat snacks. Each month you can expect to get delicious meaty treats that will satisfy your inner carnivore. The snack box is for busy people who crave meat-on-the-go.

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(i) Vermont Beef Jerky Co.

Vermont Beef Jerky Co. prides themselves on their own authentic style of beef jerky created with Yankee pride and good ol’ country "know-how." Vermont Beef Jerky products are made from premium strips of lean beef that is marinated in their special brine, then hickory smoked to bring out a great, long-lasting flavor. By using only the best ingredients, including real Vermont maple syrup, they’ve ensured their beef jerky is of the finest quality you can find.

This month, you can look forward to:

  1. Spicy Teriyaki Beef Jerky
  2. Maple & Spicy Beef Jerky
  3. Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky

(ii) Espuña

With a history in Olot, Spain dating back to 1947, Espuña is a family-owned company founded by Esteve Espuña. They combine high-quality ingredients with time-honored Spanish recipes to create award-winning, authentic cured meats and Spanish-style tapas. Their obsession with innovation and excellence has won them 8 innovative "Product of the Year" awards.

This month, look forward to:

  1. Hot Soppressata Bites
  2. Fuet Sticks
  3. Chorizo Sticks