The Gift of Meat

Snack Box Gift_0

Snack Box

From $49.99

Smaller box, Same Big taste. Join The Club.

Smaller box, Big taste.

Our Snack Box is jam-packed with premium cured meat snacks. Each month, you can expect to get delicious treats that will satisfy your inner carnivore, while still discovering products by our favorite artisans. The snack box is perfect for busy people who crave meat-on-the-go.

Classic Box Gift_1

Classic Box

From $64.99

For Classy Carnivores

4-6 premium cured meats. Get exclusive access to salamis, prosciuttos, bacon, and more. You won’t find anything like this in your local grocery store!

Complete Box Gift_2

Complete Box

From $54.99

Perfect Charcuterie Box

Looking for the perfect gift that everyone will love? Choose Carnivore Club’s Complete Box that includes everything you need to make an amazing and delicious charcuterie spread. This box consists of 2 handcrafted premium cured meats alongside 3-4 accompaniments like mustard, olives, crackers, cheese, jams, dried fruits, nuts, pickled goods, and more!

Jerky Club Gift_3

Jerky Club

From $19.99

Smaller box, Same Big taste. Join The Jerky Club.

Smaller box, Same Big taste. Join The Jerky Club.

The Jerky Club is a lighter, more affordable option to our Snack box and 100% full of jerky. Discover new artisans and amazing flavors every month for great protein snacking on the go. Each Jerky Club pack contains two bags of premium jerky. 

Forget your gas station jerky and join the club today!

Charcuterie Board and Classic Box Gift_4

Charcuterie Board and Classic Box

From $164.99

Gift Carnivore Club's legendary charcuterie featuring top artisans from across the country. The Classic Box is loaded with 4-6 handcrafted cured meats like Italian Salami, Spanish Chorizo, Prosciutto Americano, and much more!

At an exclusive price, upgrade your order with a 100% All-Natural, Eco-friendly Bamboo Meat and Cheese Serving Board that comes complete with all the necessary charcuterie accessories. Create an amazing impression that makes your gift recipient look at you and say: “Damn, You’re Awesome!”

Exotic Jerky Bouquet_5

Exotic Jerky Bouquet

From $59.99

It began with the Goddess of Love and the gift of Roses. For centuries this simple automatic gesture has been enough until today. Carnivore Club has re-imagined what it means to express love. Give the ultimate gift of a gorgeous bouquet of 20 long stem jerky sticks delivered to their door!
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From $25.00

Give the gift of Cured Meat. Shop Carnivore Club’s entire product range except for subscriptions. This is an e-gift card and emailed immediately (not a physical gift card).