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4-6 premium cured meats. Get exclusive access to salamis, prosciuttos, bacon, and more. You won’t find anything like this in your local grocery store!

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On Sale Cheese, Crackers and Jam Add On
Cheese, Crackers and Jam Add On

Complete your charcuterie board with some essential items like Smoked Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Swiss Cheese, Sweet Onion Jam Spread, and Parmesan Crisps!

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Past Boxes

Salt & Twine

At New England Charcuterie, we create an Old World experience through New World techniques and technologies. Inspired by European shops with grand displays of chops, sausages, and salamis, we produce cured meats with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and attention to detail. All of our products are made in our Boston area production facility and showcase our respect for process and history. It’s our mission to carry the torch of the tradition for preservation techniques centuries old. From the salted and cured to the smoked and roasted, our locally made product line honors the charcuterie that has been a staple in global kitchens for hundreds of years.

You can look forward to:

  • Mezcal and Salted Lime Salami
  • Chipotle Mole Salami
  • Uncured Bacon Bourbon Salami
  • Fennel Salami 
  • Classic Bistro Salami
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