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Smaller box, Big taste.

Our Snack Box is jam-packed with premium cured meat snacks. Each month, you can expect to get delicious treats that will satisfy your inner carnivore, while still discovering products by our favorite artisans. The snack box is perfect for busy people who crave meat-on-the-go.

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On Sale Cheese, Crackers and Jam Add On
Cheese, Crackers and Jam Add On

Complete your charcuterie board with some essential items like Smoked Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Swiss Cheese, Sweet Onion Jam Spread, and Parmesan Crisps!

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February 2023 Snack Box

Crazy Horse Jerky

Crazy Horse Jerky offers authentic beef jerky that is a result of a family recipe that has been handed down by generations of great men. Everyone who tries their jerky marvels at its quality and succulent complexity of flavors. Their 100% natural, preservative-free jerky is smoked to perfection in small batches using maple and fruit woods in their custom smokehouse!

Blue Nest Beef

Blue Nest aims to redefine the All-American standard for cattle ranching that enable more life grow. They believe that sustainable cattle ranching regenerates and enriches our ecosystem through natural foraging, sustainable, all-natural practices built on care, compassion and camaraderie found on their home soil. Blue Nest wants thoughtful eaters to enjoy guilt-free, 100% grass fed products that restore our home, one grassland at a time. 

You can look forward to:

  • Million Dollar Bacon
  • BBQ Beef Jerky
  • Cajun Bacon
  • Bobo Links Beef Stick
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