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Smaller box, Big taste.

Our Snack Box is jam-packed with premium cured meat snacks. Each month, you can expect to get delicious treats that will satisfy your inner carnivore, while still discovering products by our favorite artisans. The snack box is perfect for busy people who crave meat-on-the-go.

August 2020 Snack Box

Fusion Jerky

Asian inspired, handcrafted artisan jerky made with real ingredients. Clean, healthy and protein packed, the perfect snack to power you through your day. Growing up in the Bay Area, KaiYen was inspired to “fuse” American flavors with premier meat textures to create the best, all-natural jerky that is gluten-free, high in protein, low in sodium and contains no preservatives.

HTY Jerky

For over 50 years Hsin Tung Yang (HTY) has handcrafted the prestigious gourmet jerky in Taiwan. Since 1977, using the same time-honored family recipes, HTY USA is proud to produce Asian-style jerky that is rich with flavor and melts in your mouth with every bite.

Customers can look forward to: 

  • Chipotle Lime Beef Jerky
  • Hickory Beef Jerky
  • Island Teriyaki Pork Jerky
  • Peppered Beef Jerky
  • Original Beef Jerky
  • Spicy Beef Jerky


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