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May 2018 Snack Box

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Strollos Beef Jerky

Strollo’s Beef Jerky is a minimally processed small-batch jerky artisan. Their secret homemade recipe took many years to develop through selecting the perfect grades of beef and finding the exact blend of spices to not overpower the natural flavor of the beef. With no preservatives, artificial ingredients, or fillers, you can taste the quality and care that is put into every bite of Strollos Beef Jerky.


The history of Espuña dates back to 1947, when Esteve Espuña began producing sausages using traditional recipes in his farmhouse near Olot, Spain. Espuña combines innovation and practices to ensure that their Old World Spanish cured meats maintain artisan craftsmanship for a truly authentic Spanish experience. Espuña represents Spain’s finest, authentically produced, regionally inspired, cured meats available in the market.

  1. Mild Beef Jerky (Strollos)
  2. Hot Beef Jerky (Strollos)
  3. Garlic Beef Jerky (Strollos)
  4. Hot Garlic Beef Jerky (Strollos)
  5. Hot Sopressata Sticks (Espuña)
  6. Sopressata Sticks (Espuña)
  7. Fuet Bites (Espuña)