The Meat Guillotine: Salami Slicer


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The Meat Guillotine

Carnivore Club Proudly presents a 100% All-Natural, Eco-friendly Bamboo Meat Guillotine. Forget about the knife and cutting board! The Meat Guillotine is much more fun and easier to use! Slice any salami with a simple and safe back-and-forth motion. The body is made with high-quality, antibacterial bamboo wood and the serrated blade is made of stainless steel. Prepare for your next cocktail party with the Meat Guillotine and you'll soon become the talk of the town!


  • Guillotine Blade to slice the cleanest and thinnest slices
  • Smooth gliding handle for quick action slicing
  • Metal Pin Lock to lock the guillotine for safe storage
  • Meat Catch Tray to collect all your meat slices

Care and Cleaning

Gently wash by hand after each use. Do not put in the dishwasher.


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