Premium, small batch charcuterie

The Classic box is delivered right to your door with 4-6 handcrafted cured meats in every box. The classic box gives you exclusive access to handcrafted salamis, prosciuttos, bacon, and more that you won’t find in your local grocery store. All local, from amazing artisans.

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Upgrade First Month to Wooden Crate

SPECIAL OFFER! For a limited time, upgrade of your first Classic Box to a keepsake wooden crate from Carnivore Club for only $15. The wooden crate is made in the USA from Wisconsin Pine. This attractive vessel will deliver your artisan crafted cured meats and serve as a handsome storage container after your meats are devoured! ($30 Value)

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4-6 Meat Snacks, like jerky, meat sticks, biltong, and much more!
$39.99 Per box + $9.99 shipping

October 2019 Classic Box

Cusco Meats

With a history in Olot, Spain dating back to 1947, Espuña is a family-owned company founded by Esteve Espuña. They combine high-quality ingredients with time-honored Spanish recipes to create award-winning, authentic cured meats and Spanish-style tapas. Their obsession with innovation and excellence has won them 8 innovative "Product of the Year" awards. Espuña has since introduced Cusco as a new collection in their lineup. Cusco takes traditional Spanish-style cured meats and adds a fresh spin on them, a must-try!

This month, you can look forward to:

  1. Fuet Tradicional
  2. Hot Sopressata
  3. Chorizo with Manchego Cheese
  4. Serrano Ham All Natural
  5. Spanish Beer Salami Sliced
October 2019 Classic Box