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S’mores Charcuterie Board: Everything you need to include

S’mores Charcuterie Board: Everything you need to include

When it comes to charcuterie boards, people often think it is only about meat because of its origination. However, charcuterie boards today have no limits, and you can add anything you like, from fruits to sweets and anything else.

What are s’mores?

S'mores are a popular campfire snack for their creamy texture and sweet taste. It is eaten warm when toasted on the fire. S'mores have only a few ingredients, and the most common recipe for making them includes crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow.

What is a charcuterie board?

A charcuterie board serves several items perfectly portioned and presented on one board. Mostly these things are eaten directly from the board, and this board includes cured meats, cheese, etc. However, a charcuterie doesn't need to have meat.

How to make your s’mores charcuterie board?

Combining the charcuterie board idea with ingredients of s'mores makes great end products if you are craving something sweet. If you want to make your s'mores charcuterie board, here are all the ingredients you will need.

1. Chocolates

Start with chocolates as these will be the main star of the show. You have the choice to go with any bar of chocolate that you like, but a good idea will be to add thinner chocolate bars as they are easier to break. There is no restriction on how many types of chocolates you can add, and even if you want to keep some chocolate chips, you are allowed to.

2. Marshmallow fluff

The next item on the list is marshmallow fluff. Traditionally s'mores are made with marshmallows roasted and melted, but if you don't have a good fire, marshmallows may take a lot to roast. So, it is a good idea to put some marshmallow fluff in a container and add a butter knife to it for easier spreading. You may torch the fluff on the top of this container for added aesthetics.

3. Marshmallow

Get some marshmallows if you want to keep things the traditional way. The white ones work perfectly, and you may get any size, but going for the smaller ones isn’t generally a great idea. Especially when you are going to roast these without a campfire, managing the smaller ones would be much harder. So, it is a good idea to go for jumbo marshmallows.

4. Chocolate spread

Another good item on your charcuterie board can be chocolate spread. Depending on your preferences, you may opt for nutted chocolate spread or milk chocolate spread. The idea behind adding it to the charcuterie is that when you spread marshmallow fluff and chocolate spread on crackers, your s’mores will be ready to eat without any preparation time required.

5. Crackers

As it comes to crackers, things may get confusing because there are so many options. Honey graham crackers, teddy graham crackers, and chocolate graham crackers make good choices. You can also go with plain ones.

6. Fruits

You may find your charcuterie board incomplete without fruits, as fruits add a lot of vibrance to this board. Moreover, fruits add several flavors to whatever you eat. So, while assembling your s'mores charcuterie board, make sure to have these on there as well:

  • Slices of bananas
  • Slices of strawberries
  • Apple slices
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries

Any of these can add a sweeter touch to the s’mores charcuterie board.

7. Peanut butter

Peanut butter is not usually added in s'mores, but there is always a first time for something. You can place a small peanut butter container just like you added chocolate spread and marshmallow fluff. Remember that it will add a salty taste to your s'mores, so apply it carefully. When it comes to peanut butter, either go for honey peanut butter for a sweeter taste or crunchy for a better texture.

8. You may want to add Reese’s.

If you want to experience plain peanut butter on your s'mores, add Reese's to your charcuterie board instead of adding it. Reese's will replace peanut butter and chocolate on the s'mores, as you only need to add marshmallows. Everyone may not want to try them, so you can leave them in the wrappers so whoever wants one can take it and open the wrapper for added freshness.

9. Caramel

Caramel will also be a new addition to your s’mores, but it will taste much better than you would expect. Especially when you go for salted caramel instead of the regular one, it adds a lot of character and variety to the taste of s'mores. Instead of tasting sweet only, your s'mores will now have a unique sweet and salty combinational taste.

10. Biscuits of your choice

S'mores are not made only with crackers, but you can also get the biscuits of your choice. With no restrictions, you can choose Oreo, C=chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies, girl scout cookies, etc. Any cookie you like can be a part of your s'mores charcuterie board.

11. Add a fire source for a better experience.

Depending on your resources and safety concerns, this part is optional, as you may have kids around. If you want to add fire, some of your options include:

  • Chafing fuel
  • Mini coal stove
  • Kitchen torch
  • Electric grill or stove

Any of these, even in a small size, will get the job done as your primary goal is roasting the marshmallows to make them softer and get the outer layer caramelized.

Now all you need to do is to present these items in a beautiful and easy-to-use way on the board. With that, you can take your favorite base, fill it up with the right fillings and if you added fire, toast them for a few seconds, and you will be ready to enjoy.

Final Words:

S'mores are directly connected with roasting marshmallows on a campfire, which is why this board may feel incomplete without fire on it. However, it is unnecessary to include fire if you don't have the right equipment or are concerned about safety.

Anyways, this combination of ingredients of S'mores, all available on one board, will give you the freedom to try any recipe you want. This charcuterie board will make a good way to present sweets after a meal.


Image by Pexels from Pixabay