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Fun Facts about Jerky from Around the World

Fun Facts about Jerky from Around the World

Most Americans have this misconception that Jerky is an American thing. So, it might be surprising for most of them to know that different parts of the world have different types of jerky. In fact, you can get different types of jerky from around the world. The main differences will be the method of making and flavoring that gives it a different flavor.

Are you also looking to know fun facts and technicalities about Jerky from different parts of the world? Stick till the end because we have a lot of interesting facts about more than 10 types of jerky from different parts of the world.

Common types of Jerky from around the world

Jerky is a historic type of meat that people still prepare worldwide using the same old methods and techniques. It is cut into strips, then it dries after seasoning it. It helps in easy consumption and easy storage because there is no bacteria growth in the meat.

An important thing about Jerky is that it is seasoned while the making process for better flavoring. It is also where the name comes from because it is salted and dried meat. There are a lot of types of jerky in the world, but the most common ones include

  • Beef jerky
  • Elk jerky
  • Buffalo jerky
  • Venison jerky

Unique Jerky from around the world

Different locations and countries come with different types of jerky from around the world. Here we have some of the most interesting ones, along with the facts that you would love to know about them:

1. Thai Jerky

The first one on the list is Thai Jerky, made with beef. The beef here is fried and then dried in direct sun with no other methods of drying the Jerky. So, being fried and then sun-dried makes it very different from other types of jerky, especially the American one. It is briefly dried in the sun, also known as the single sunlight beef.

2. Biltong jerky

This Jerky comes from southern Africa. It is unique because it is traditionally made with beef. Other than beef, you can also use some exotic meats. The Jerky is a perfect combination of the Italian prosciutto and traditional Jerky. It is done by specifically drying the meat for a long time in the air.

3. Kilishi jerky

This type of beef jerky has names like Kilishi or Kilichi in different parts of the world, and it comes from Nigeria. The Jerky has a spicy flavor, and it only dries under the sun for 3 constant days of intense heat. The beef strips are cut silver thin, which makes it even spicier. Some main ingredients here include pepper, clove and garlic, and salt. Cayenne pepper seeds have also become a part of its seasoning in some places in Nigeria for added heat.

4. Carne Seca jerky

Although this is an American jerky, it is not as famous as the traditional Jerky. It belongs to Mexico, which is why sometimes it is also called the Mexican Jerky. The beef strips are extremely thin, and the main seasonings include some peppers, salt, and lime to spice things up and bring a tangy flavor.

5. Cecina jerky

The Cecina jerky also comes from Mexico, and it relates to Spain. The unique fact about this Jerky is that it is not very hard, which makes it melt in the mouth when eating it. You can have it as the main snack but adding it to your soups and salads will enhance the taste. The preparation process includes desert heat and other adverse heat conditions in Mexico.

6. Pastirma jerky

The Pastirma jerky takes you to turkey with other countries like Egypt, Iraq, and Greece. Interestingly, beef is not the only type of meat for making it because you can also make it with fish. However, the main preparation process includes salt for preservation. The Pastirma jerky is famous across many countries in the world.

7. Bakkwa jerky

Bakkwa comes from China, and it still follows the historical preparation methods that date back centuries before. Chinese use lamb, beef, or pork and some Chinese seasonings to make this jerky. Those seasonings include sugar and soy sauce, while other spices are common, like salt. It comes with a softer texture, unlike most hard jerky types available across the globe.

A unique thing about Bakkwa is that it is a traditional snack for the celebrations of the Chinese New Year.

8. Sake Toba jerky

Sake Toba jerky comes from Japan, and it is a historical jerky there. Japanese make it with Salmon that fishermen usually catch in icy-cold water. The spices may be the same for seasoning, but the drying process is different as it includes a smoking process for drying it. So, every bite of Sake Toba jerky that you take will have a smoky salmon taste.

9. Pemmican jerky

This jerky type dates back to the time before the colonization of the US. The making process includes using ground meat and mixing it with fat and berries. This mixture forms a cake and then dries for making the Jerky. The unique way of making this Jerky helps it stay preserved for a long time.

10. Uppu Kandam jerky

It comes from Tamil Nadu, India. These people make this jerky with mutton in the form of thin slices. They rub these thin slices with salt, pepper, chili powder, and turmeric. The meat is then dries in the sun. Unlike many other jerky types, it is good for adding in gravies instead of eating them alone.

11. Coppiette Jerky

This hard-texture Jerky comes from Italy, and it is an appetizer there. It used to be a dish for poor farmers' families, but it got famous worldwide due to its rich taste. People make it today with sheep, goat, horse, donkey, or pork. Funnel seeds pepperoncino are the main stars of the show. You can also call it a combination of salami and Jerky because of its hard and chewy texture.

Final Remarks:

Knowing about different types of jerky from around the world must be mouthwatering. So, if you also want to taste some, you do not need to book a flight to that country. Simply order the Jerky that you want to try and enjoy making it a part of your diet. One of the best things about doing this is that you can enjoy premium quality, authentic tastes, and above all-natural protein in a tasty and healthy way.