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Everything you need to know about Jerky and Beer Pairing.

Everything you need to know about Jerky and Beer Pairing.

Jerky is something that everyone loves. With lots of different flavor choices and meat types, jerky is always available for everyone. However, having jerky alone may not always be enough for you! People try different jerky and beer pairing to get the best flavors out of the meat and the beer.

You cannot just take any jerky with any beer of your choice when you eat jerky with beer. It is because wrong choices may make the taste worse for you. That's why it is important to consider the jerky you are eating and the beer that goes along. So, here we will be elaborating on everything you need to know about jerky and beer pairing.

A quick introduction to jerky

Jerky is a type of cured meat that is dehydrated to remove all the moisture from it, and for preservation, it gets treated with several spices and other things. Jerky is mainly thinly cut pieces chunks or strips. Jerky is flaky and chewy, so when you bite it, it will easily break but chewing will still give a chewy fibrous texture.

The taste of jerky

As said earlier, there is always a jerky for everyone. Because jerky is made with different seasonings, the taste can change depending on the seasoning. Different types of tastes include:

  • Nutty
  • Smoky
  • Salty
  • Spicy
  • Slightly sweet

Jerky is prepared with the process of smoking, and smoking the meat develops better flavoring.

What to consider when pairing jerky with beer

Your personal preferences matter a lot when you pair anything with beer. It is because everyone may not like the same beer. That's why being considerate for jerky and beef pairing is necessary. The good part is that with a few things to consider, you can easily choose which type of beer to pair up with which jerky. Below are the details of the important things that you must consider

Flavor of jerky

The first thing to consider is the flavor of your jerky. Note that there are different types of flavor and different levels of spice. Depending on that, you can try different pairings with beer.

Flavor of beer


you consider the type of jerky and need to focus on the beer options. Just like jerky, beer also comes in a lot of options. So, please think of the jerky you will serve and decide which beer will be good. This way will help you narrow your options strategically for your best taste.

Tips for pairing jerky with beer

With the important things you need to consider, here are a few tips you can try.

  • The flavor of your jerky must complement the flavor of the beer that you select.
  • If the jerky flavor is intense, you should pair it with robust drinks.
  • Remember that high alcohol content in beer will make the jerky feel spicier.
  • If your beer has low alcohol contents, the jerky will feel less hot.
  • The bubbly drinks go well with salty jerky options
  • If you are going with a jerky with an acidic flavor, pairing it up with a beer with acidic flavors will be a good choice
  • If your jerky is high on heat, you need to pair it up with sweet beer
  • The earthy flavor jerky goes amazingly along with earthy flavor beers

These are only a few tips that you can consider, and there are still many options to try out. Remember that your personal preferences still matter the most, so you can experiment with anything that you think would taste good.

Top 5 jerky and beer pairings you can try

While you can try many jerky types and beers, elaborated below are our top 5 jerky and beer pairing options for you.

1. Venison jerky paired with IPA

Venison jerky is known for its mild and rich flavors. The meat has a salty taste that perfectly matches IPA beer's alcohol content and hops. The herbal aroma and bubbles of this beer complement the mild taste of venison jerky. If you do not have many ideas, it is a perfect option to start with. It is because the jerky is not too spicy, and neither is the beer too strong. Thus, these two make an excellent match.

2. Fish jerky with light Pilsner

If you want more on the lighter side, try fish jerky paired with the light Pilsner. You can choose any type of fish jerky, which will bring several nutrition benefits. Here you will play it safe because the light Pilsner will easily pair up with most fish jerky like tuna, trout, or salmon. Thus, everyone will enjoy a light and refreshing experience.

3. Beef jerky paired with Brown Ale

Beef jerky can be paired up in many ways as there are many options. Considering a wide variety of beef jerky, Brown Ale makes a perfect choice to pair up for a smooth and flavorful experience. It matches beef's richness without overpowering any of the natural flavors.

4. Turkey jerky with Red Ale

You can pair turkey jerky with a Red Ale to make a great festive appetizer. It can be a good option with spicy jerky as the mild flavor of the beer will wash off the heat.

5. Honey BBQ jerky paired with Riesling

The last one here combines sugary and acidic Riesling with the sweet and smoky honey BBQ jerky. This jerky is known for the mild flavor that pairs up perfectly with the light Riesling taste. Thus, this combination will bring up something exceptional with this jerky's lean texture and the beer's lightness.


Jerky and beer pairing may seem simple, but a lot can go wrong because of a simply wrong decision. You must pair these two very carefully to get the best taste of the beer and the jerky. If you are a beginner, you can benefit from the considerations and tops we discussed here. In any case, you can choose any of the pairing options we elaborated on here.

So, whether you are going to watch a big game with friends or have some family members visiting you, everyone will love the jerky and beer pairing.

Image by Daniel Albany from Pixabay