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Best Ways to Incorporate Cured Meats for Breakfast

Best Ways to Incorporate Cured Meats for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It must be healthy, and if you are making it yourself, it must be easy and quick. If you think that milk and cereal breakfast or jam on bread are getting boring and you need to incorporate cured meats for breakfast, then you are at the right place.

Best Ways to Incorporate Cured Meats for Breakfast

The following are the top 12 ways to incorporate cured meats for breakfast.

Egg and cheese sandwich with bacon

The simplest yet fun to eat, this sandwich can be made within minutes and will be a perfect way to start your day. As it includes eggs, cheese, and bread, there will be no shortage of nutrients to keep you energetic through the morning. So, take your bread and toss it into the toaster. Meanwhile, fry an egg as much as you like.

Take bacon strips and fry them to give them a crispy touch. Assemble the sandwich with these and a few cheese slices, and sprinkle the egg with some pepper and salt. Pair it up with your morning coffee and enjoy.

Revuelto de Gramajo

If you want to get a little creative with your breakfast ingredients, you can try this one. You are working on scrambled eggs with potatoes, chicken, and cured ham here. Onions and peas are optional but add a rich taste and vibrance to your breakfast. Shred your meats and add them to the scrambled egg while cooking. Meanwhile, you must cook French fries and mix them with eggs.

Steamed Corned Beef

Corned beef is one of the best-cured meats you can add to your breakfast. When steaming it, you take canned beef with thyme, tomatoes and their paste, bell peppers, onions, salt, black pepper, and celery. While cooking the dish, frequently stir it over medium heat for the best texture. Once done, it can be served with grits or rice.

Crispy Fried Bacon

You surely have eaten crispy fried chicken several times. Why not try crispy fried bacon? Heat some oil and dip your bacon in the frying batter. Let it fry until it gets crispy and golden. It is a simple yet quick and tasty breakfast dish that can be served with several sauces, dips, or gravies. If you correctly fry your bacon, you will get the perfect crunch without losing any chewiness.

Farmer’s Omelet

The German breakfast dish is so nutritious and rich in taste because of its ingredients. Although it can be a great breakfast item, you can eat it at any given time of day. Farmer's omelet mixes eggs, milk, onions, and bacon.

While making the omelet, you will sauté potatoes until they are golden brown. Mix the potatoes in the omelet mix and cook it on high heat, so it gets brown on the top while staying creamy inside. Flip in half and serve. You can also serve it with some grated cheese.

Bolivian Soup

This cured meat soup includes beef, beef jerky, and pork from the meat section. Apart from meats, there are onion, garlic, potato, oregano, cumin, salt, hot peppers (ground), and black pepper, and you can also add chachacoma leaves for aroma. This soup is a perfectly nutritious and energetic breakfast, especially for cold days.

Corned Beef Hash

Another breakfast recipe with corned beef. As it is a prime cut of beef made with salted and cured brisket, there are many recipes you can try. Making hash from corned beef takes eggs, potatoes, and onions. You will start with the meat and potatoes in a hot pan with oil. Once the potatoes get a little crispy, you will add onions and cook them for a few minutes to soften them.

Other than onions, you can also try bell peppers, corn, mushrooms, etc. Lastly, put the egg in the pan and cook for a while. While serving, you can sprinkle it with some freshly chopped herbs.

Sausages with Egg

The combination of sausages brings the perfect boost of protein for your in a perfect combination of the spiciness of sausages and the blandness of eggs to balance things out. It is best served with a half-fried egg, but you can cook more if you like.

Similarly, you can go for the cured meat sausages of your choice. Make sure to slice the sausages correctly according to their type. When plating the sausages with egg, place a sliced or mashed avocado for a creamy texture and nutty taste.

Egg and Cheese Wrap

If the egg and cheese sandwich was too basic for you, then you need to try making a wrap with these. Wrap allows you to put other types of meat, veggies, and spices. So, take your choice of cured meats and either cut strips or chunks of that meat.

Next, you must make an omelet and assemble everything on a tortilla wrap. Add freshly chopped green onions and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and oregano. Cheese is optional here.

Bacon Wrapped Sausages

Bacon-wrapped sausages may sound simple, but these are only simple to make. The bacon-wrapped sausages bring the crunchiness of bacon strips along with a rich and spicy taste of sausages. When picking your sausages, select something too spicy or other than pork for a more flavorful feeling. Simply wrap whole sausages in bacon and toss them in the frying pan.

These will be ready within 10-15 minutes to serve with any sauce and dip.

Bacon and Eggs

Bacon strips can be used to give attractive shapes to your eggs. Whether making fried eggs or an omelet, put bacon on the pan first and use it as the mold for your eggs. Gently pour eggs inside and use a toothpick to seal bacon from opening if necessary. You can directly eat these or make sandwiches with bread.


Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to breakfast selection. If you are among those individuals who like to have cured meats in their breakfast, you will surely love how we discussed incorporating cured meat for breakfast.

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