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Watch their jaw drop in awe, give the gift of cured meats. The Snack Box is packed with 4-6 meats snacks, like jerky to meat sticks, biltong, and much more! The snack box is the perfect gift for carnivores who enjoy their meat-to-go.

How often would You like to receive each box?
Upgrade First Month to Wooden Crate

Chiseled from the most elegant pine, upgrade your Snack Box gift by having it delivered in a wooden crate. This rustic wooden crate will hold an assortment of artisan's handcrafted cured meats. Our artisans that use locally sourced heritage breed animals to produce some of the finest cured meats. Each month you can expect the finest premium jerky's, meat sticks, and more in your crate.

Add a Jerky Bouquet
Add a jerky bouquet of 20 long stem, mouth-watering jerky sticks that are guaranteed fresh for up to 100 days.

March 2018 Snack Box


Braaitime is a family owned and operated business that sell South African style gourmet cured meats and other South African products here in the USA. Braaitime has been making biltong and growing the business in the USA for 12 years now. Their products go from strength to strength as their quality wins through and the customers come back for more.

People’s Choice Beef Jerky

In 1929, John Bianchetti founded People’s Old Market in Downtown Los Angeles. His motive was simple: support his young family by doing what he knew best — quality meats. He started with nothing more than a few dollars and an indomitable will to succeed. His grandson now runs and owns the company.

  1. Droewors – Cranberry (Braaitime)
  2. Droewors – Chorizo (Braaitime)
  3. Droewors – Hatch Green Chili (Braaitime)
  4. Orange Honey Teriyaki Beef Jerky (People’s Choice)
  5. Cowboy Peppered Beef Jerky (People’s Choice)
March 2018 Snack Box