October 2018 Classic Box

October 2018 Classic Box


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Vermont Salumi

Peter Roscini Colman grew up on an organic farm in Vermont and spent summers in Umbria with his family. There, he used to “warm up” for lunch at his grandparents’ house by pounding prosciutto. A lot of prosciutto. He loved it so much he decided he wanted to learn to make it himself. Soon, he was apprenticing with the Norcini, the famed butchers of Umbria, who taught him the methods, techniques, and centuries-old traditions of salumi-making. A few years later, Peter brought the art back to Vermont, where he introduced a new generation to the extraordinary flavors of real salumi.

Espuna & Imperial

Imperial Chorizo is an American company based in Gloversville, NY at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains. They utilize the ancient recipes, expertise, and heart from traditional Spain to make some of the best Spanish cured meats found this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Their state-of-the-art facility makes all sorts of Spanish-style cured meats—taking hundreds of years of Spanish traditions and combining it with American innovation, inspiration, and ambition.

In October, customers can look forward to:

  1. Red Wine & Garlic Salami (Vermont Salumi)
  2. Chorizo Salami (Vermont Salumi
  3. Fuet Sticks (Espuna)
  4. Sliced Beer Salami (Charlitos Cocina)
  5. Sweet Abruzzesse Chub (Imperial Chorizo)


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