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Introducing our Mega Complete Box - the epitome of artisanal indulgence.

Crafted to elevate your culinary experience, this collection has been thoughtfully curated to create the ultimate charcuterie board. Whether you're hosting an elegant gathering or seeking a moment of personal delight, our Mega Complete Box promises an unforgettable feast.

Discover a selection of premium salamis, each a masterpiece of flavor and texture, alongside a quartet of cheeses that spans from mild to bold. Accompanying these delights are a range of artisanal spreads.

Experience the art of indulgence with our Mega Complete Box – an invitation to savor life's finer pleasures. Whether shared or enjoyed solo, this collection unlocks a world of epicurean delight. Order now and curate your own moment of culinary luxury.

What's included:
  • 4 varieties of cured meat products
  • A selection of perfect pairings and accompaniments including crackers, spreads and cheeses 
  • minimum 10 items included

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