March 2019 Snack Box

March 2019 Snack Box

Smaller box, Big taste, Joined The Club.

The snack box focuses on the meat-eater who loves their meat to-go. Highlighting up to 2 artisans each month, the snack box features 4-6 meaty snack items from premium jerky and pepperettes to salami chips, packed in our high-quality Carnivore Club Snack Box. Each box comes with a Meat-Eater's Handbook that details the artisans' story and each product featured in the box.

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Righteous Felon

Their product is pure, potent and will blow your mind. Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel is the master of producing and distributing beef jerky made with a deadly combination of unique and all-natural ingredients. With recipes that are bold and made with only the highest quality ingredients and pasture-raised beef, there is no way this isn’t the best jerky you’ve ever tasted. Righteous Felon products are only produced in small batches to maintain freshness and consistency. Now, get ready for the ultimate tasting experience.

Here is what’s included:

  1. Habanero Meat Stick
  2. BBQ Meat Stick
  3. Victorious B.I.G Beef Jerky
  4. Habanero Escobar Beef Jerky
  5. Baby Blues Sweet Kick BBQ Beef Jerky
  6. Bourbon Franklin Beef Jerky

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