Kickass Meats & Red Bear Provisions Snack Box

Kickass Meats & Red Bear Provisions Snack Box

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Kickass Beef Jerky

Kickass Beef Snacks Inc. was founded in the early 1950s by Charles Littel. He made and sold jerky in his own butcher shop located in Sauk City, Wisconsin. Forty-five years later, his grandson Charlie Little discovered old family recipes which are now the Kickass flavor that people enjoy today.

Red Bear Provisions

Using all-natural artisan meats, Red Bear Provisions makes handcrafted sausages and salamis in the finest European tradition. Old world customs meet new world tastes.

Customers can look forward to:

  1. Hot Beef Jerky
  2. All Natural Turkey Jerky
  3. Jalapeno Cheddar Snack Stick Twin Pack
  4. Holy Cow Salami Sticks
  5. Diablo Salami Sticks

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