Charcuterie Starter Kit

Charcuterie Starter Kit

Father's Day Box

We know dads love meat. That’s why we made a special box just for him this Father’s Day. Filled with specialty artisan meats and spreads, this box will make you his favorite kid. Here’s a CARD to go with it, too!

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Charcuterie Starter Kit

What's in the box

  1. Imperial Chorizo - Garlic Salami: A delicious take on an old classic. The garlic gives this salami an extra kick that will make it your new favorite.
  2. Imperial Chorizo - Hot Soppressata: Looking for a spicy edge to your soppressata? Here it is. Add it to your meat board or slice it up in a salad.
  3. Charlitos Cocina - Trufa Seca: Dry Cured Black Truffle Sliced Salami: Seasoned with black truffles and mineral-rich sea salt, this salami is a deliciously complex flavor combination.
  4. Charlitos Cocina - Cerveza Seca: Dry Cured Salami with Beer: Bold and subtle with a robust autumnal warmth, this salami has been slowly dry-cured with a bottle fermented brown ale. It’s made from pasture raised, heritage breed pork, and flavored with hand-raked sea salt.
  5. The Piggery - Pork Rillettes Jar: This ready to eat, traditional rustic spread is epic on an appetizer plate or perfect with a few chunks of cheese and fruit for a hearty lunch.
  6. Peregrino Mixed Spanish Olives Jar: Class up your meat board with Spanish olives. Have them on the side, wrap them in salami, or save them all for yourself.
  7. Trois Petite Couchons - Mustard: Add an extra dimension to your sandwich, salad, meat board, burger, and any other favorite food with mustard from Trois Petite Couchons.
  8. Opinel Paring Knife (No. 112): You take your meat seriously. Why not have a knife that you only use for your carnivore creations? Save this knife for slicing soppressata, chorizo, and any other favorite meats.

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