November 2020 Classic Box1

November 2020 Classic Box

For Classy Carnivores

4-6 premium cured meats. Get exclusive access to salamis, prosciuttos, bacon, and more. You won’t find anything like this in your local grocery store!

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Olympia Provisions

Salumist Elias Cairo, grew up first generation Greek-American with a father who made charcuterie at home. Doing things the old-fashioned way was commonplace. Elias later journeyed to Europe to apprentice in the kitchens of masters. It was there that he rediscovered the art of curing meat and found inspiration in the markets and mountain towns of the old world.

Maison Delpeyrat

Since 1890, Maison Delpeyrat has delivered a passion for taste and commitment to authenticity. Rooted in ancestral tradition, their recipes have brought over unique French Flavors to the States. The Bayonne ham is produced by rubbing whole fresh hams with Slaies de Bearn salt from the Adour basin.

Customers can look forward to:

  • Bayonne Ham
  • Summer Sausage
  • Saucisson Sec Salami
  • Kleine Schweine Pepperette
  • Petite Pierre Pepperette