Nduja Artisans Classic Box

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Nduja Artisans

Agostino Fiasche and his son Antonio are the proud guardians of a century-old Italian legacy. As co-founders of ‘Nduja Artisans Salumeria, the Fiasches are the culmination of five generations of Calabrian salumi makers.

Like their namesake spreadable spicy salumi, ‘Nduja Artisans is the perfect balance of fire and flavor. A proprietary blend of Calabrian Peppers and 100% Berkshire Pork highlight their focus on simplicity and quality, while paying homage to the Fiasches’ rich heritage. The success of their ‘Nduja has now afforded Agostino and Antonio the ability to dust off the Fiasche Family recipe book to test and unveil additional hand-made salumi. You can taste their family tradition with each bite.

Customers can look forward to:

  1. Salsicca Secca Picante
  2. Nostrano
  3. Sopressata
  4. Finocchiona
  5. Sliced Bresaola