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Introducing the Gamer Snack Box – your ultimate gaming fuel! Packed with a variety of premium jerky snacks and meat sticks, this box is designed to keep you energized and focused during your gaming marathons. Portable and protein-packed, the Gamer Snack Box is your go-to for sustained energy and satisfying snacking. Elevate your gaming experience with the perfect fuel – because victory tastes better when you snack right!

What Comes Inside:

  • Everything Bagel Beef Jerky
  • Mandarin Orange Beef Jerky
  • Cracked Pepper Turkey Jerky
  • Elk Sticks x2
  • Buffalo Sticks x2 
  • Venison Hot Sticks x2
  • Venison Mild Sticks x2
  • Ancho Villa Biltong
  • Nelson Mandilla Biltong

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